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Honolulu, Hawaii
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Hawaiian Gold Jewelry

Featured Item This Hour Hawaiian Gold News - Tuesday, 6/30/2015

Hawaiian Jewelry For Your Keiki (Children)- Hawaiian Gold Jewelry

Give your keiki some bling and let their natural charm shine! Browse through our lovely line of Hawaiian gold jewelry for your baby. We have cute slipper pendants, earrings and lovely rings.
Next hourly featured item update scheduled at: 6/30/2015 - 2:53pm

Hawaiian Gold Jewelry Catalog Photo Gallery

Hawaii Gold Jewelry .Com is full service online jewelry website offering Hawaiian Heirloom jewelry. Our mission is to provide quality Hawaiian jewelry products and services and practice integrity in all that we do. Over 900+ high quality Hawaiian 14K Solid Gold Jewelry items (made in Hawaii) are featured on our website.

Say "I Do" with our Hawaiian Gold Jewelry Rings!

Planning to tie the knot soon? Be sure to explore our fine selection of Hawaiian gold rings that will bring the perfect sparkle to your wedding day! Lovely Hawaiian inspired designs available.

Say "Mahalo" To a Special Friend With Our Friendship Heart Stud Earrings!

Nothing says "thank you for being a great friend" like the gift of gold. More specifically, the gift of Hawaiian Gold Jewelry's Friendship Heart Stud Earrings. Our selection of 14K Yellow Gold earrings come in either a plain or black border. Options for raised letter or raised enamel letter also available.

Hawaiian Gold Jewelry with Diamonds Video #1 Posted

View video or Hawaiian gold jewelry with diamonds. Groups of Hawaiian heirloom gold jewelry with diamonds by category.

Hawaiian Gold Jewelry Categories

View all of our Hawaiian jewelry categories.

Hawaiian Gold Jewelry Launches Diamond Hawaiian Gold Jewelry Collection

Collection of Hawaiian gold jewelry with diamonds. Pendants, rings, bracelets and more.

40% Off 14K Hawaiian Gold Jewelry Watches Discount Sale

Offer subject to end without notice...don't wait

New SUPER SIZE IMAGES Hawaii Gold Jewelry

We have added super size images of our products online so you can really see the quality and details. Look for "Click here to view super large image and more details..." below any description and the link will take you of a very large version of the image.

Black Pearl Pendants From Hawaiian Gold Jewelry

Black pearls or Tahitian pearls are highly valued because of their rarity. Stand out from the crowd with our one of a kind Black Pearl Pendants!

Hawaiian Gold Jewelry Collection Master Page Launched

View Hawaiian gold jewelry collections. Groups of Hawaiian heirloom gold jewelry by category.

Hawaiian Gold Jewelry Sale Product Images - December 2014

View 26 of our newest Hawaiian gold heirloom jewelry images

Custom Bracelet Orders

Hawaii Gold Jewelry.Com is a full service online jewelry website offering Hawaiian Heirloom jewelry. Our jewelry is of the highest quality and craftsmanship and we practice integrity in all that we do.

Hawaiian Gold Plumeria Necklace

A necklace has always been a timeless piece and one of our popular Hawaiian gold jewelry items. The lovely plumeria flower design is perfect either as a gift for any special occasion, especially this coming Mother's Day or to use for your own enjoyment. Our Plumeria necklace now comes in white gold and rose gold so be sure to view our shopping cart today!

Kukui Quilt Jewelry

Hawaiian Quilt designs were evolved from the Hawaiian people's relationships with nature, culture and even sometimes inspired by their dreams. The Kukui nut (candlenut tree) is a popular product of nature that has inspired many Quilt and jewelry designs.

Hawaiian Gold Link Bracelets

Our Hawaiian gold link bracelet watch is both elegant and functional and comes in a variety of classic Hawaiian designs such as Multi Quilt, Bird of Paradise Link, Plumeria and more.

Hawaiian Palaoa Pendant For Men

The Palaoa pendant was considered a sign of respect in Hawaiian culture and was once only worn by Hawaiian royalty. The whale was first identified as the "Palaoa" (toothed whale).

Hawaiian Gold Jewelry with Heart (s) - Pendants, Earring, Rings, Bracelets.

View the Hawaiian gold jewelry that features heart(s). Pendants, Earring, Rings, Bracelets.

Our Hawaiian Gold Rings

Start the New Year with a bit of gold! Our Hawaiian Gold rings are always a hot item any time of the year. Our rings come in many forms from traditional designs to a variety of Hawaiian inspired flower designs. We also have a good mix of rings for men!

Susan Lura - Navada
4/5/2013 - You are a company I can really tell my friends about, as your customer service is THE BEST!

Add Some Pearl to Your Hawaii Gold Jewelry

Our Plumeria Gold Pendants are the perfect accessory for any jewelry lover! It's the perfect item that will add some sparkle and shine during the Holidays or any day! Designs come in Plumeria flower with Hawaiian scroll and more.

Our Ulu Quilt Jewelry - Hawaiian Gold Jewelry

Ulu (or breadfruit) is a distinctive food-bearing tree which produces abundantly from late summer into winter. Traditionally, Ulu is planted to provide a lifetime of food during the birth of a child. Breadfruit leaf designs are often used in Hawaiian quilt patterns and are also printed on fabrics and other materials such as ceramics. Our selection of Ulu Quilt jewelry highlights the beauty of the plant as well as the quilt patterns it has inspired. We have a variety of Ulu Quilt rings, bracelets, earrings and Pendants for your choose from. CALL 808-739-9797 FOR SPECIAL DEAL ON ULU QUILT PACKAGE PURCHASE (all items up to 50% off!).

Hawaiian Fish Hook Pendant

With the deep connection that Hawaiians have with the ocean, the Fish Hook or makau in Hawaiian, is a wonderful symbol of all that is good and promises its wearer good luck, strength and prosperity. Click on link to Take a look at our lovely Fish Hook Pendant.

Our Lovely Hoku Pendants - Hawaiian Gold Jewelry

Hoku is the Hawaiian word for star and is also a familiar Hawaiian name. Do you know someone named Hoku or if would like to give this as a gift to the "star" in your life? View our available Hoku pendants adorned with floral prints.

Rebecca - North Carolina
4/1/2013 - I received the ring today. Beautiful! I have admired it for a long time. Wish I had ordered it long ago. Thank you.
Rebecca in NC

Celebrating Friendship Through Gold

Nothing says "thanks" or "you're a great friend" better than the gift of gold. Our selection of Hawaiian Gold Friendship Heart Earrings are the perfect choice to show how much your friend means to you. Check out our catalog:


Here is what some of our customers have to say.

Popular Hawaiian Hibuscus Gold Jewelry

The Hawaiian hibiscus is perhaps one of the best representation of the Hawaiian islands. The yellow hibiscus is Hawaii's state flower, also known as the pua aloalo.

Hawaiians originally adopted the hibiscus flower as their official territorial flower in the early 1920's. In 1988, the Hawaii state legislature officially adopted the yellow hibiscus as the state flower. Each Hawaiian island also has its own designated Hibiscus flower.

View our popular Hawaiian Hibiscus design jewelry and pick your favorite.

Hawaiian Bird of Paradise Rings
The Bird of Paradise flower stands out among many Hawaiian flowers. Its unique shape and bright colors resemble a bird's beak, hence the memorable name. This flower is often found in many Hawaiian tropical gardens and is also a favorite among Hawaiian jewelry makers.

Our varied selection of Bird of Paradise Rings is a prime example. Visit our Hawaiian Rings page for more details (available in White and Rose Gold).

Hawaiian Gold Wedding Rings
If you're looking around for wedding rings, don't forget to check out our online selection of Hawaiian Wedding Rings featuring the classic Hawaiian Plumeria and Hibiscus designs.

Hawaiian Plumeria Flower & Hawaii Jewelry
The Hawaiian Plumeria is one of the most widely seen flowers in Hawaii and symbolizes perfection, springtime and new beginnings. Here are some of our popular Plumeria gold jewelry

Hawaiian Gold Earrings
Our Earrings feature both traditional Hawaiian designs as well as contemporary designs that is a perfect gift for any occasion. Browse through our selection

Hawaiian Gold Necklaces
Our Flower Necklaces and Plumeria designs are a perfect gift for any occasion. Be if for yourself or someone special, take a closer look at your next great gift idea!

Hawaiian Gold Jewelry Updates Hawaii Gold Watches Catalog
View the Timeless Beauty of Hawaiian Gold Watches! Nothing is more unique and timeless than our 14K Hawaiian Gold Watches. Featuring classic designs of popular Hawaiian flowers like Bird of Paradise, Plumeria and Hibiscus.


Hawaiian Gold Pendants

Hawaiian Gold Earrings

Hawaiian Gold Rings

Hawaiian Gold Bracelets

Hawaiian Gold Watches

Hawaiian Gold Miscellaneous Jewelry

Hawaiian Gold Necklaces

Hawaiian Gold Bangles

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Our 14K solid gold jewelry is of the highest quality and craftsmanship and we practice integrity in all that we do. All our jewelry is stamped with the manufacture's federal registered trademark and are stamped with metal fineness mark of 14K. Made in Hawaii.
Laura & André Klemke - Germany
12/14/2014 - back in Germany with our beautiful wedding rings we want to thank you for the amazing service and care.

Best wishes from "icy cold" Germany
Laura & André

Ruth Hunsinger - Arizona
5/6/2014 - I ordered the French cut engagement ring, because I wanted to place my Mothers perfect blue white diamond in a new setting. Ernest was so helpful. He kept in contact with me as he checked on things.... sizes etc... Got my ring with the CZ not mounted as requested. The setting is BEAUTIFUL! This gentleman is a honest professional & I recommend his business to all!
Rebecca - North Carolina
4/1/2013 - I received the ring today. Beautiful! I have admired it for a long time. Wish I had ordered it long ago. Thank you.
Rebecca in NC

Hawaiian Gold Jewelry Sale Product Images - December 2014

View 26 of our newest Hawaiian gold heirloom jewelry images
Teresa - New Mexico
1/23/2013 - Thank you greatly. I promise to speak good things about you and your company. In fact my nursing supervisor has bought jewelry from you. She says she is delighted with the quality.
Gary - Maryland
12/26/2012 - Its been easy working with you and I will remember that. I appreciate your service
Susan Lura - Navada
4/5/2013 - You are a company I can really tell my friends about, as your customer service is THE BEST!
Bernadette MacMillan - Yarmouth Nova Scotia, Canada
7/24/2013 - Picked up at noon today... love it!! Thanks!
Bernadette MacMillan

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Key Plumeria Pendant Launched

The Key Plumeria Pendant is a dazzling 14K gold key pendant. This lustrous gold pendant is delicately crafted and features the elegant design of a key. Available in oval, round, heart designs.

New Ribbon Plumeria Pendant Launched

New Ribbon Plumeria Earring Launched

New Hawaiian Fish Hook Launched

3 New Items Launched - Ribbon Plumeria Pendant, Ribbon Plumeria Earring And Hawaiian Fish Hook

The Ribbon Plumeria Pendant and Earring is a stunning 14K gold pendant and earring of a ribbon design that forms the shape of a traditional Hawaiian Plumeria flower. The Hawaiian Fish Hook pendant is delicately crafted and features the elegant design of a traditional Hawaiian fish hook.

New Honu Pendant Released on HGJ Website

Hawaiian seaturtle pendant

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